Flowers over …theeere!

Those gorgeous flowers that I am holding in my hand didn’t last long in our house, I’m afraid. The cats dug it up. They dug up most of the plants we had. They are also inclined to eat our plants. So now we have to be careful as to which plants we keep. So far, we’re down to four plants. 😐

Our neighbour also has a cat. His name is Mowie. Mowie doesn’t dig up or eat their plants. Our neighbours have many beautiful plants in their apartment. Unfortunately, when our cats go and visit Mowie, they tend to chew on their plant-life too. I can’t take them anywhere, you know.

A while ago, my husband, Alec, and I went to buy a plant from a nursery. So, I pulled out my phone to check if any are poisonous to cats. I have this app on my phone that I use to get information on the plant I photograph.

Of course every plant was ‘POISONOUS TO CATS’: Gorgeous pot-plant with dark green foliage…POISONOUS. Brightly coloured flowers…POISONOUS. Irresistible fern…POISONOUS. Fantastically dainty hanging-plant…poisonous.

Needless to say, I’ll most likely have to find creative ways to use succulents. I dunno.