“Lorem Ipsum” and why it’s everywhere on my blog

I’m sure you’ve noticed that most of the pages in my menu has this title on it along with a lengthy Latin excerpt. These are place-holders. I’ve put them everywhere, because it looks better than empty spaces. I have empty spaces, because I have no content, and I have no content because I have just started this blog a few days ago, and I must still create stuff.

I understand that there is the general rule of thumb to refrain from creating pages when you don’t have content for them yet, but that’s just not how my mind works. In order for me to write the post for those pages, I must be motivated to do so, and seeing the page titles lingering in my menu helps me to do that. It’s like receiving a tiny threat on my doorstep everyday. A teeny-tiny non-threatening threat, like a neatly folded piece of paper with a drawing of a small mouse that is being devoured by a cat. You know what I’m saying?

Thus, dear old Lorem Ipsum, which is the blogger’s go-to-place-holder (and most likely the only Latin they’ll come know), is going to remain with us for a little while. Or perhaps for a little longer than a little while. Who can tell, honestly? You’ll just have to put up with it, I’m afraid, and go read all the other things I have written for you. It’s not much, but as a wise dishwashing brand once said, ‘A little goes a long way’.


Or you can go to these pages of enigma, and study some Latin…