Birds. What are they?

Here I am bird watching, which means that I am watching birds.

“Birds. What are they? We just don’t know.” As the narrator from Television’s Look Around You has just pointed out, I am going to post a post on nothing in particular. Just gibberish today, I’m afraid. Yep. Nonsense. Utter, irrational and scrumptious nonsense. Because posting a post for the posting-a -post-sake can and will be my mission this morning.

You don’t quite understand?


Now, let us begin with something simple, shall we, hmm? If I sing the song, ‘Rubber Duck Ducky’, which window are you looking through right now? You aren’t anywhere near a window, you say?Alright then. Fine. Make it difficult.

Let’s try this again. If I think of the colour cobalt blue, which eye are you rolling? Both? Impossible! I have never heard of anything so ridiculous, so absurd, so… Oh, actually, that makes sense, now that I think about it.

Okay, nevermind that. Let’s do something completely different! I know! Let’s… whistle a song together!

Okay, you start and I’ll catch on.

Well? Are you going to… whistle? Not?

Well, I just have to say! After all I have done for you and THIS is how you say ‘Thank you’ ?? I… I am just…it’s just sooo unavoidably believable.

And to think that I was going to dedicated my next crocheted beanie to you!

Listen, I think we need a break and see other people’s posts for a while. This is all just getting a little out of hand here.


Where are you going?!

No, don’t leave! I didn’t mean it! I swear! I was just being a something-not-nice. I’m sorry!!

I didn’t mean any of those things. Honest. You’re the only reader for me.


Ah good! That’s good to hear. Phew! I thought I almost lost you, my little sandwich.