Between the must-reads and Chapter one

brown van
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I have this friend who is an avid reader, so who better to ask for ‘reading accountability’ than her? I used to be an A.R myself, but now am I just a lazy potato who Pintrests, Instagrams and plays games on my phone with two cats on my lap as I lie on my couch and listening to music.

Yes…I know you do the same thing.

I thought that I would arrange with my friend a 12-Step Programme to rehabilitate me from my phone fix and reading protests. The 12-Step Programme only had two steps, the other ten said they’ll meet me halfway when I get passed the first two. The other ten know me well.

So it was that the arrangement would be that my friend would phone me once a week to check up on my book and get feedback from me as to what I have read, and this would generate a hunger for more books. So easy!


After we agreed that this occurrence should occur, what we did instead was exchange several books with one another and telling the other about the greatness of each book and why they are must-reads. Now I have two extra books that I should read, and my friend has still not checked up on me. It’s been three weeks and I have since then read a conquering one chapter from the original book.

Sometimes life can get more complicated and it is your fault.

On another note, you guys know you can write to me, don’t you? Come on now.  :}

I am a bit worried about my plants. I am looking at the roots of one right now. I don’t think it’s dead, but I think it’s getting there. I suspect that the cats, Angus and Pepper had something to do with it. They’re looking at me as though they have no idea what I’m talking about, but I know that they know that I know that they know.

And there’s a weird ice-cream van driving around close-by. It was here last week too. I try and spot it from my window, but it remains ever elusive, like a phantom, like an ominous omen, a certain death to come by clowns.

Anyhew, I need more soil for my plants.