Some things are small

Sometimes when moss dries up, it looks dead. But place it in a bit of water and the sprouts will immediately lift itself up, showing its full glory.

I have previously shared the albums of this artist, and I hope that it has been good for people to listen to. I know that I have loved the songs. I do want to share this specific song, though, because it is just so lovely and it is really soothing me for some reason. Sometimes I just can’t do more for my depression on a day than to listen to a particular song. Sometimes it’s what I need to lift myself up just a little bit more for a little bit longer. And so, when it comes to counselling myself, the method that works at times, requires very little, and what gives me a little more heart for the day can often be seemingly trivial, but it connects me with the world somehow. Some things are small.

The Runner Son Ellis