Never give up, Ukraine!

It has been a very long time since I’ve posted anything. I just didn’t have much to to share or talk about. Today I’ve got to say something about all this crap that is going on.

When I first read about the bombings and attacks on Ukraine’s people, and the terrible horror of it all, I sobbed for a long time. It broke my heart – all those people who have nothing to do with Vladimir, his acolytes and their bloodlust for power were being murdered, no, slaughtered.

I’m sure that if we were to speak to people in government, like vladimir, they’d tell us that there’s soooo much more to it all than we realize and that all this, as well as everything like this, is always for the good of the country, the people, the world. It’s we who do not understand. Hogwash!

Villains are always trying to complicate things, and present their intentions and deeds as convoluted as possible. The thing is, it’s all very – very simple. That which causes harm in any way is wrong, and what causes life and blessing is right. What he and his supporters are doing is wrong and it is evil.

And what is right is this : Ukraine’s people are not giving in, or giving up. Despite all the barbaric attempts of vladimir to subdue it’s people, they are standing strong. They have lifted themselves off of the ground that they were nearly killed on, and they somehow still stay strong, their broken bones, their bloody wounds, they are still standing, never giving up, and never giving in.

My hopes are for Ukraine and its people and my heart burns for their triumph.