The Great Gatsby

For those of you who reside in Cape Town, you really shouldn’t miss this show at the Star Theatre. Last night was the opening of The Great Gatsby, a play based on the well-known book of the same name by F. Scott Fitzgerald. The story is set in the jazz age, with characters who are both fickle and true in love and life. The book centres on definitive moments in the main characters’ lives and then revolves around the decisions they make, as well as the emotional and mental capacities that they often seek fullness in to the point of harm. Above all, it is a story of refuted love in the roaring 20’s.

Last night, at the old Fugard Theatre, now known as The Star Theatre, this wonderful production left its audience applauding and cheering so loudly that you could hear them from within the café next door.

Directed by Neil Leachman, who has yet to disappoint his audience, the show has fulfilled the expectations of many who were excited to see a play of the book that has been admired for decades. From the costumes and decor to the singing and acting, the show was captivating. It is a relief to know that this play will be showing until the 9th of July and that there will be plenty of days to catch it, that is, if the tickets haven’t been sold out.

And so, you see, it really would be an utter shame if you missed it while it is here: