The 10th of July

My grandmother’s birthday was the 10th of July. I used to forget which day it was because my aunt’s birthday is on the 11th. I always got mixed up, never remembering who’s birthday is first. Finally my aunt told me to just remember that my Granny was born first. Since then I never forgot my…


Some things are small

I have previously shared the albums of this artist, and I hope that it has been good for people to listen to. I know that I have loved the songs. I do want to share this specific song, though, because it is just so lovely and it is really soothing me for some reason. Sometimes…

The Illuminated Book of Days

Kate Greenaway was an English illustrator at the end of the nineteenth century. I have adored her work for almost a decade since I first came across it. Recently I have had the fortune to find one of the well-known books that her illustrations were used in, namely The Illuminated Book of Days. The book…

A host of daffodils

It is so very easy to wonder about the future, worry about the future and only plan for the future. It is just so easy to live our lives this way and then eventually find ourselves in a web of fear. No surprise there. When we are constantly concerning ourselves, as well as each other,…

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